About us

We’re a coffee place that was born in Kiev, Ukraine We have great ambitions about the success of this project, because for us “success” consists of certain elements: the quality of a cup of coffee you drink, the service you get and the atmosphere you feel when entering the place. There is no café possible without its guests. And every guest needs a better place with decent service. So, it’s mutual. Coffee is all about mutuality.


Coffee is always a handicraft. It's an art, stained with time, hard labor and belief in your strengths. It's the aesthetics of brewing every cup of coffee, where knowledge can't go without intuition and feelings. It's a successful teamwork of millions of people - from a coffee bean to the aroma of a drink in a cup. It's a smell of ground coffee. It's consciousness blurred with caffeine. It's aspiration to perfection. It's love. It's inspiration. Coffee is a blur. A blur on the apron, that reminds us of our history and all the hard work.